Complimentary trial memberships are available through September 30, 2021.

Please contact Colleen Griffin to inquire about complimentary operator and partner enrollment: or (203) 644-1711.

Membership will be limited to 100 leading operators and 100 leading solution partners.

Driving Exceptional Performance

Starting this summer, the Senior Living 100 Intelligence Group is a new membership group driving exceptional performance.

We deliver contentconnections, and consulting in four areas: strategy, innovation, operational best practices, and leadership/culture.

Content (Frequency per Year)

Think Tank Calls (10)

Insightful video conferences addressing your biggest challenges and opportunities.


Friday Insights (24)

Fresh operational ideas delivered straight to your inbox.


Executive MBA Video Calls (2)

Top U.S. Business Leaders on leadership/culture.


Managed Care Success Virtual Fall Conference (1)

Insights into MA organizations as senior living gets deeper into providing healthcare.


Senior Living 100 Videos

All sessions videotaped, exclusively for Intelligence Group members.


Library of All Content

Connections (Frequency per Year)

Community Connections (3)

We connect you with other members to help with challenging initiatives.


Zoom Forums (6)

Free-flowing ideas shared on topical challenges.


Email Groups (12)

Moderated email exchanges for quick idea sharing.


Solution Partner Meetings (4)

Three 8-minute meetings (per quarter) with solution partners of your choice.


Online Directory of Members 

Consulting (Frequency per Year)

Lincoln Business Diagnostic (1)

Individualized consulting using an assessment tool of 17 business categories. Two 60-minute phone calls. Our best ideas, shared practices, and connections.


Executive Coaching Session (Under Development) (1)

An assessment plus a 90-minute coaching session from a top executive coach.